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◯CG-003  Anti- Mold Coating with Algae on concrete by direct coating

Direct coating with algae on concrete (demo)


◯CG-003  Anti- Mold Coating on Stone

(To protect Mold on Stone)

Click here stone surface self cleaning demo video


◯CG-003  Anti- Mold Coating on Sand Stone

(To protect Mold on Sand Stone)

Click here sand surface cleaning demo

◯CG-003  Anti- Mold Coating on Japanese traditional roof tiles

(To protect Mold on Sanshu Kawara)

Click here Demonstration on Japanese traditional roof tiles

On Right side was Coated

◯CG-001-A  Sacrificial Anode System Anti- Corrosion Electrolyte Coating 

Anti-Corrosion Electrolyte Coating System/Sacrificial Anode System


◯CG-001-B  Impressd Current System Anti-Corrosion Electrolyte Coating System


◯CG-002  Concrete Photocatalytic Coating

Demonstration for Customers

◯Anti-Corrosion Electrolyte Coating System/Demonstration for Customer


◯Photocatalytic Function “Self-Cleaning” /Demonstration for Customer

◯ Demonstration of our product against stain on cement board

◯ Demonstration of our product against stain on aluminum substrate

◯Example of Construction



Coming Lab

Coming Lab





Illustrated Guide

Illustrated Guide
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