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Super Oil Gripper

Highly Functional Oil and Fat Absorbent

Super Oil Gripper made by Nihon Form Service Co Ltd.  It will soak up to 35 TIMES of its own weight oil. It can be absorb 35KG by 1KG of our product (Conventional products only absorb 8 to 12 times only).

Highly functional oil and fat absorbent『SUPER OIL GRIPPER』

The oil and fat absorbing microfiber tissue will soak up any type of oil without abosorbing water. You’ll see the difference!! Oil only sticks to the surface of conventional absorbents and if they are placed in water they soak it up and sink!! SUPER OIL GRIPPER will soak up any type of oil without absorbing water!!

※SUPER OIL GRIPPER will soak up to 35 times of its own weight of oil.
(Conventional products only absorb 8 to 12 times their weight)

※With a specific gravity of 0.034, SUPER OIL GRIPPER will not submerge.

※Becouse it doesn’t absorb water,SUPER OIL GRIPPER can be used in water.

※Most effective on oil films floating on water.

※Easy to handle because it won’t drop oil at all.

※No need for synthetic detergent or neutralizer when tackling oil spil incidents.

※SUPER OIL GRIPPER itself won’t release any toxins either,it’s completely environmentally friendly.

◆SUPER OIL GRIPPER can be useful in situations such as …
Cleaning kitchen greece traps at restaurants, Factry oil waste, separating oil and water, collecting oil films
at oil spill incidents anywhere in the world

〇 SUPER OIL GRIPPER(1kg)Size: W350×H350×D400(mm)

〇 SUPER OIL GRIPPER(34kg)Size: W1000×H1000×D1000(mm)

Material: PP resin, Specific: gravity0.034(compressed ratio at the place of shipment)

・ Hydrophobic(It will not absorb water)
・ Burnable(Flash point 300℃)
・ Recyclability(Cav be reproduced as regenerated fuel)
・ Disposal(Can be recycled or disposed of as industrial waste)
・ SUPER OIL GRIPPER can be used on any fat or oil( Exception : some from of non-fluid oil)
・Extremely effective on oil and fat substance films(No need for emulsion dispersant)


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